Checkpoint 1: Team Concept Doc — Alex, Allie, Blake, Will

Team members:

Alex Tsai, Allie Littleton, Blake Sharp, Will Coors

Individual concept docs:  

Blake’s individual concept doc
Will’s individual concept doc
Alex’s individual concept doc
Allie’s individual concept doc


  1. Suspense
  2. Intrigue
  3. Satisfaction


We are going to make an escape room “in a box”. The premise for our game is that a painting was stolen and is about to be shipped out of the country. The players are given an envelope with puzzles that will ultimately give them the location of where the painting is stored before it is shipped away. The players are all working together to solve the puzzles and put them together. The digital component of our game will include the players visiting a website which will also have some sort of puzzle and clue.

Some of the puzzles we are going to include:  

  • Crossword
  • Word scramble (missing letters could come from an analog puzzle)
  • Maybe some clue has to do with the music that is playing
  • Sudoku
  • Art related trivia
  • Some sort of pattern puzzle


  • With only puzzles and a “theme”, how can we successfully transform the physical space?
  • How do we create something that is cohesive, engaging, and compelling enough to keep players invested for the whole game?
  • How can we make sure that all players stay engaged for the duration of the game?
  • How can we integrate a digital portion without breaking the illusion of the analog game?


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