Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc — Alex Tsai




  1. The game could be modeled after a scavenger hunt, with a set path with clues taking players to the next clue, requiring teamwork and problem-solving. For example, the players could be sent on a scavenger hunt based on a leaked pirate’s map that leads to the treasure, which must be retrieved before the evil pirates do. This creates fun via fellowship, challenge, and narrative.
  2. The scenario could be an art heist, where players must prevent art thieves from stealing a piece of valuable art. The game could be set in a physical space on campus, like the Cantor Center, the Rodin Sculpture Garden or the Anderson Collection. This would ground the game in a particular space, which allows players to better visualize themselves within the fantasy narrative. This creates fun via narrative and fellowship.
  3. The game could incorporate a set time limit as a focus, which would include an additional challenge of racing against time, which would heighten the stakes and increase suspense. This creates fun via challenge.

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