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  1. I think it could be fun to have all the puzzles in the “box” or “envelope”. Some of the puzzles will have you go on the internet and look for something or visit a site that we created. There will be puzzles or clues on those sites. The puzzles have things related to our different interests. So there are crosswords, sudoku, trivia, and everyone is working together to solve the different puzzles. Additionally, you might need another puzzle to solve a current puzzle so they are all connected.
  2. Another direction could be to make the game competitive so you are in groups and competing against the other people who each have the same puzzles. It would be fun to make each puzzle box slightly different so the game can be played many times. One thing I have been thinking about is that it is a bummer to spend so much time on this to only have the game played once.
  3. Another fun direction for the game could be to have it take place in the Cantor or another museum. So there are clues or information needed for the puzzle hidden in the physical space. The other way to do that would be to use a clue somewhere in a museum VR experience that we ask the players to visit on their phone or computer.


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