Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc (Individual)


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  1. Dark boarding school aesthetic, murder mystery
    1. Assign roles to players, who are roleplaying students and staff at a dark boarding school, and the murderer is a player in the room (no one knows who the murderer is)
    2. Solve escape room puzzles to figure out who the murderer is; roles are just used to create a storyline
    3. Fellowship, Challenge, Narrative
  2. Multiverse and time travel
    1. Hop between dimensions and worlds, taking advantage of different locations on Stanford campus to represent different dimensions and worlds
    2. Information discovery to piece together a timeline and story
    3. Digital component is a network graph map
    4. Fellowship, Challenge, Discovery
  3. Stanford-themed Game of Life
    1. Roleplay Stanford student trying to graduate the Stanford Game of Life
    2. Puzzle hunt on Stanford campus, utilizing different locations on campus accordingly
    3. Fellowship, Challenge, Discovery

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