Project 2: Checkpoint 1 Individual Brainstorm


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Concept 1

Your kingdom will run out of money in 10 days so you need to speed run and find a potential suitor. You attend an intergalactic diner where you meet potential suitors. To meet these suitors the main mechanic in our game is an interface like tinder that allows you to select the next person you see at the diner. There are two stages of play: selecting suitors on tinder and meeting them at the diner. You have 10 days before decision day, and can choose to meet up with one person a day.

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Concept 2

You will have character stats that you choose in the beginning. At the beginning you choose your own character — choose appearance, interests, things you are good at (like in Dungeons and Dragons). You will discover who is similar to you and can bond with others about that or you can choose to learn more from people that are different than you. Instead of character dialog have actions (gifted a violet) and reactions from the suitors (learned that Prezak does not appreciate violets) and before the date you can prepare a gift for them (it isn’t clear they will like the gift or activity) but you can pick up on their interest from experience.

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Concept 3

Behance :: For You

Visual Novel

The world is ending. There’s nothing you can do to end it. But how do you make the most of each day? How do you live like it’s your last? Gameplay is life fulfillment but do you want to take the hedonist route? Do you want to find the most lovers? Or do you want to live deeply? Do you want to feel deeply?

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