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What’s up Everyone!

My name is Alahji Barry (he/him). I am currently a junior studying CS, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.

My favorite game of all time would have to be Ludo, a strategy board game introduced to me by my cousins when I visited Guinea as a child. The premise of the game is to race four tokens to the finish line according to the rolls of a single die. What I enjoy most about the game is its competitive nature, the strategy involved, and the chances of luck needed in order to win.

Most recently, I have been playing Wordle, a web-based word game where users are given a limited amount of tries to guess a five-letter word. What I enjoy most about the game is its simplicity and competitve nature (being able to compare scores with friends on social media makes the game all the more addictive to play).

I am excited to be taking this class this quarter, and I look forward to discovering new games to play with friends and family 🙂

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