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Hi friends — excited to meet you all! My name is Nadin (she/they) and I’m a current junior studying CS and Education. I visited Yosemite National Park with my dad over spring break, so here’s a picture of me with a really tall tree 🙂

Selfie of Nadin with a tall tree

My favorite game of all time is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. I’ve poured a lot of hours into it and I really like being able to get competitive to try and get gold trophies on everything/beat my record time. I also like that it has a very low barrier to entry, so it’s a really great game to play with friends (and I play online often with friends who live far away). Finally, I also just think that it’s a very beautiful game! I love the visuals and there are so many tracks that I really enjoy looking at.

A recent game that I enjoyed playing was Unpacking. There were two main aspects I really liked: Firstly, the act of unpacking into a new apartment really soothed the part of me that loves organizing things and tidying up. Second, I found the storytelling in the game really impressive (even though there wasn’t any explicit storytelling or exposition, so to speak). For example, when the main character moves in with their boyfriend, the only spot available to put her college diploma is under the bed, which tells us a lot about the person and their relationship with the main character without any words.

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