Working With System Dynamics

Working with System Dynamics

The values we are trying to include in our game are resource management and decision-making. This is shown through the dangers of losing the game when you run out of people, food, or both. Because of these values, we went from a collaborative game toward a more competitive game where food and people are limited and both are necessary/interact with each other. This is shown where each round players are drawing from a limited amount of resources available on the board while after each round players must deduct a certain amount of food based on the amount of population they have. If they don’t have enough food for their population, they’ll have only one round to earn enough food for everyone or else they’ll lose. On the flipside, to obtain more food they will need more people, and if certain catastrophes are triggered and they run out of people, they will also lose the game. Throughout the game, there is a constant loop of gathering people to gather more food as more challenges arise to deplete their resources.

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