Team Norms

  1. Consider all ideas fully – allow team members to fully flesh out their ideas; don’t shut anyone down
  2. Be respectful – platinum rule: treat others the way they would want to be treated
  3. Be understanding of others – be flexible and considerate of things going on in other parts of their lives
  4. Try to be responsive on Slack – check Slack daily and keep notifications on; if you see a message on the team chat that pertains to you (or relates to something you know), reply as soon as you can
  5. Put a good faith effort in all work
  6. Come prepared to meetings, read the specs ahead of time 
  7. Try to be on time to meetings – give a heads up if there’s an expected delay
    1. Give a heads up as early as possible if a conflict surfaces and a meeting needs to be rescheduled 
  8. Follow through on individual work when work is split up
    1. Let people know as early as possible if you are not able to finish your work
  9. Strive for unanimous agreement (or compromise so everyone’s input is considered) – if impossible, defer to majority opinion

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