Team Norms

On this joyous day, two teams have come together in a holy matrimony to form an elite group of amateur game designers. Our team includes Krishnan Nair, Jacob Leblanc, Rhett Owey, Trey Holterman, Tonya Murray and Ghisly Garcia.

Our team norms are as follows:

  • Communication: WhatsApp group. Keep people updated frequently
  • Get started early 
  • Meet dynamically/Be able to work asynchronously
  • SHOOT DOWN IDEAS nicely and if you don’t like them…
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Avoid hidden agendas.
  • Hold yourself and each other accountable
  • Celebrate each other’s accomplishments (or just hype each other up)
  • Be on time for meetings! Be actively engaged (try to have camera on)

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