Introducing: Lucas Wang!

Oh boy, an introduction.

Hi! My name is Lucas (he/him), and I’m a hobbyist game developer, educator, and aspiring software engineer. Below is an image of me with a pink hat on.

My favorite games are those that are played with other people, such as Ultimate Chicken Horse, Phasmophobia, Minecraft, Lethal Company, Left 4 Dead 2, Don’t Starve Together, Golf with Your Friends, and Overcooked 2. If I had to pick just one, Lethal Company has taken up most of my attention. But this is mostly because it’s new, and I don’t fully understand how all the mechanics work.

I didn’t think that I was a sucker for story-based games until recently. Some of the more recent games I’ve played over the break have been single-player games – including OneShot, OMORI, and To The Moon. If you have some time to waste (as I did back then, but maybe not-as-much now), I highly recommend these!

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