Houston intro!

Sorry for the random photo, I just picked the first one I found. I’m Houston (yes like the city lol), and I use she/her pronouns! My favorite mobile game is Merge Mansion, which is a silly little app where you merge items to improve the interior and exterior of a mansion, and my favorite non-mobile game is Stardew Valley. I love Merge Mansion for the satisfaction of completing tasks and playing seasonal events, and I love Stardew Valley for its combination of management and life simulations (plus it’s super cute). Recently I have been playing a lot of card games, both physical and online, and the ones I mostly go back to are Spider solitaire, Tripeaks solitaire, and Play Nine. I love the strategy aspects of these games, and I used to play Play Nine with my friends in high school so it’s nostalgic as well. I’m excited to see what games everyone makes this quarter!

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