Amy Zhou Intro

  • Call me: Amy
  • Preferred pronouns: She/Her
  • Favorite game of all time and why: This game called, it has been discontinued unfortunately, but it was a fashion/social game where you create an avatar and the user base on that game created their own games from hosting events… I started playing in around 2008 and played up until it was discontinued around 2021… I made so many friends from that game and even met some in real life. From that game, I had a group of internet friends and we all ended up doing something in fashion/design, which I think is just amazing. I learned so many basics of design and fashion from the user base from that game. In this particular instance, it was not just the game that made the experience fun, but I would say the user base was a huge part of the enjoyment…!
  • Recent game you enjoyed and why: I started playing this game called Papers, Please and played it through… It was a great game and made me feel sad for some the characters that you had to kill because you were doing your job as an inspector… Definitely a very dark game but very eye opening.

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