Narrative Architecture by Meerim Nurlanbekova

Narrative Architecture Mindmap


  1. Evocative Narrative: “Journey” – This game relies on evocative storytelling through atmospheric elements, emotional music, and minimalistic visuals to create a powerful and emotionally resonant experience.
  2. Embedded Narrative: “BioShock” – The narrative is intricately woven into the game environment, and players uncover the story by exploring the world and finding audio logs, posters, and other artifacts that reveal the history and events of the game.
  3. Enacted Narrative: “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” – The player takes on the role of Geralt of Rivia and shapes the narrative through their choices and actions. The story unfolds based on the decisions made by the player throughout the game.
  4. Emergent Narrative:¬†“RimWorld” – This game provides a sandbox environment where players manage a colony. The emergent narrative arises from the unpredictable interactions between colonists, events, and the environment, creating unique and player-driven stories.

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