P3: Concept Map

Team / Game: Congrats Grad!

Joyce, Jason, Graciela, Emily

System Concept Map

Game Concept Map

The main difference is that the system concept map is based on the persona building actions that take place in Chapter 1 through dice rolling: these are what ultimately drive the player towards their decision, and involve a series of succeeding trait assignments which are all interrelated. The result is that at the end of Chapter 1, each player possesses a unique constellation of traits that is set, and which will undergird their scenario-creation for the rest of the game. Through this systems perspective, we hope to illustrate just some of the many of the factors that may impact a new graduate’s next steps. On the other hand, the game concept map is centered more around the roleplaying / scenario-creation aspect of Chapter 2. Though there are similarities ⁠— such as the persona building chapter and the alignment with either a MOVE or STAY goal ⁠— the other distinct, important aspects of this game perspective include the player interaction mechanic of gauging the feasibility of each other’s scenarios, as well as the storytelling itself from each “character.” Between both concept maps of Congrats Grad!, we can see that there is an abstraction that involves each player’s unfolding story depending on their unique set of traits, which ultimately determines the kinds of scenarios that will be created and executed.

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