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In our game we are considering modeling it based on the idea of Manufactured Consent, a book by noam Chomsky. Manufacturing consent is a book about how media unknowingly and systemically creates propaganda through a system of advertisers, economic demands, public demand, and available capital. In our game, one loop we are considering is a very tight one where you as a news company are only interacting with your production team and the receiving feedback in terms of money. However, the way the money is calculated for each player involves a combination of several factors that are hinted to in the game world. For example, there are several competing companies that are allotted an amount of money dispensed by advertisers. Making certain decisions with your company to make more high quality content may appeal to advertisers over your audience watching the show, alternatively it might appeal to the audience over advertisers, but both of these two interest groups may or may not even be interested in the truth of what is being said. For example, doing an expose on a popular politician who receives lobbying money from advertisers, may lead to not only losing support among your audience, having regulations put on your business, but may be the only truth option to prevent a war in the future breaking out. As a result, you have to balance all the practical considerations, along with the ethical considerations of being in charge of presenting the truth to a large degree of people. The Arcs of the game may be presented in the growth of your corporation, as well as several crises in the fictional state you are a part of, similar to papers please.  Through just the choices of the game to choose one of three newspaper headings, the shadow of your empire shines on the people around you. To be a Pulitzer or a hearst, the choice is yours.

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