P3: Tiny Playable Prototype

“Tweets of Truth” Playtest 1 – Team 6


  • Date: 11/9/23
  • Demographics: 5 CS377G students, 3 M, 2 W

Observations + Feedback

  • “Man this is hard, this is so much information” while initially selecting username/tagline to play
  • Advantage for people caught up with news & current events
  • Lots of fake/real combinations (with username as fake & tagline as real)
  • Confusion around whether players get more points for a successful fake/fake combination than a successful fake/real combination
  • Players want to defend their plays – room for deception?
    • Trying to manipulate/defend with real-world facts?
  • There should be something for a real/real combo played even if the judge doesn’t choose it
  • Usernames just tend to sound faker than taglines
  • 3 points for real/real for player if it gets chosen by judge
  • -1 point for judge for each real/real played but not selected
  • Consider other forms of media – pictures? AI-generated?
  • This could be easier digital – player had a hard time holding all the cards and differentiating between which were fake or real

Implications + Potential Changes

  • Implementation of retweets for all players rather than having a judge
    • False news can hurt your reputation & true news can improve your reputation & no tweet is neutral
  • Make usernames/taglines as cards & make sure labels are visible
  • Continue developing game mechanics to make the game more of a system

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