P3: Tiny Playable Prototype

Team / Game: Congrats Grad!

Joyce, Jason, Graciela, Emily

Observations / Things to change:

  • Lots of rules to read ⁠— normal for RPG, but certain wording confusions should be clarified (e.g. What does “FREE” mean? What does M/S mean?)
  • Need to clarify that there are two parts of the game: first aligning existing assigned values to 10, and then creating scenarios to get to 15
  • Need to clarify what 4-1 indicates (rolling either 4 or 1)
  • Should probably put M/S categories on same side of profile-building card
  • Add a note about who rolls first (whoever’s oldest / closest to graduation)
  • Also took some time to set up player personas ⁠— ways to speed this up?
  • Should clarify that the dice roll difficulty chart only comes in once players have completed part 1 ⁠— or do something else with this mechanic
  • Fix FAMILY PRESSURES chart values
  • Probably provide separate cards to jot down story progress ⁠— flipping back and forth seemed a bit much
  • Some players confused about how to build the profile: maybe allow people to come up with own scenarios rather than going by the original chart roles?
  • Give an example of game play initially ⁠— like a demo video or something ⁠— in a systematic manner, like ‘current state is this’, ‘I want to do this’, ‘therefore’, etc.
  • Have players do a background introduction after building personas, and before starting part 1

What players liked!

  • Overall concept / style was coherent, and worked with RPG genre
  • Even though trait building took some time, liked it because it set up personality and gave prompts to go off of while building the different scenarios ⁠— better than chicken game
  • Also liked the warm up period before moving from 10 ->15
  • Liked that everyone acted as the game master together
  • Liked the theme because it’s relevant, so people were able to come up with scenarios

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