P3: Tiny Playable Prototype

CS Systems Playtest 1 Notes

Confusion about what info can be conveyed

Confusion about what condition cards mean in actual execution

When should card be played? Why does waiting until the end of everyone’s turn to play matter?

Players validated original choice because the idea choice was obvious l

How does the statement get arranged at the end? Do players choose?

Must keep track of which cards are which type

Players feel like there is a lot of information – work on remind rather than recall

Accidentally said card info out loud

Tapping twice after players have already strategized together seems redundant – what happens if players disagree? Is it likely that they disagree?

Liked being able to see your team’s cards but not your own

Too easy to construct things easily – maybe you shouldn’t tell people which card to play, just hints

No lack of information

No need to know what card you have, no need to guess

More complex movements

Door/obstacle assignment process – can we integrate a player into it?

Fun after players understood what was happening but confusing initially

More operations to create more complex statements, such as Mod

Card quality – thicker, directionally labeled

Variable stores – set variables equal to something, then cards that do things based on the variable

Cards that change value depending on where you are

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