Mind Map + Writeup: Working With System Dynamics

In the game that we are designing for P3, we are exploring the system of spreading misinformation to create a game in which players create headlines, as well as having to find the headlines that they feel are the most true. With so much information on the internet, and social media especially, we feel that the system of social media and spreading misinformation is one that we don’t entirely understand yet, and is one that could be very dangerous. The main value in this game will be truth, helping players understand how easy it is to spread misinformation, and being able to differentiate real news with fake news. This value of truth is something that is not very well represented int the system of social media, as anyone can post anything that they want from an account that they create to have the persona of whatever they want it to be. At this stage, we have a very simple prototype that seems to consist of mostly interaction loops. In our game, players get a number of username cards, and a number of headline cards, and they must try to play one of each such that their “post” is deemed the most credible by the judge for that round (similar to cards against humanity mechanics). In this early stage, we have not developed a system with any arcs, because we have no components to the game that deliver success stories, only a process that loops over and over again until one person has a certain amount of round wins.

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