The Rhetoric of Video Games -Ore

The Rhetoric of Video Games

  • ­­Mortgage made players face the dilemma of paying off mortgage to get bigger house or decorating the one you have currently
  • Player gets to see banker get more rich from you giving them money
  • Tom Nook models the redistribution of wealth

Topic 2:

  • Video game players have their own culture and values
  • Animal crossing community where you can get adopted by older players and be given a gift!
  • When children play they constantly renegotiate their relationship with a possibility space
  • Skilled orators employed techniques like motivational business speakers in ancienty greeks, they were known as sophists and were frequently critiqued

Procedural Rhetoric

  • The idea of using processes persuasively, similarly to how verbal and visual use those forms of media persuasively
    • Isn’t this just all art?
  • Modeling allows for aspects of experience to be questioned
  • Videogame criticizing McDonalds by incorporating moral choices in order for the mcdonalds company to survive
    • Mange groups through PR and lobbying
  • Ideology came from napoleon calling criticizers ideologues
  • America’s Army recruiting games
  • Medical malpractice game:
    • Have to deal with doctors leaving the system
  • The game Bully represents the social system of high school, more subtly expressive than the mcdonald’s game
  • Video games a kind of literacy that lets us critique the systems we live in

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