P2: Tiny Playable Prototype

In playtesting my tiny prototype, I found that the players liked the open(ish) world mechanic where you can walk back and forth between locations and look for the things that you need to move the story forward. This was something that I debated after writing my premise, and I ultimately decided that a parser fiction where you can have more control over your actions would be the best for my story. The playtesters also said they enjoyed the premise, but said that in future iterations I should try and make the story hook the player more, and feel like they are really invested in the story early on. I also got feedback on how I could make my ending more impactful when I have the player choose between staying on Earth or going to space. I learned that I should add some important events and descriptions that would really put visuals in the player’s head, as well as creating important relationships with people that you meet in order to make the decision at the end between staying and leaving harder.

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