P2: Tiny Playable Prototype

My game: Elara, the girl that lives in the Bubble.

Prototype: Twine like game with google slides presentation

Playtest 1 Reflection

Prior to this playtest I had a little crisis/epiphany about the requirements and purpose of this project. So what I playtested is probably not what I will continue with for the rest of P2. But what was nice to test was the branching story format I want to work with. My current story requires that the player understands the world I created for the story, so it required the beginning of the story to be pretty long to set it. Therefore my story was turning into a novel which I realized is not what I want to do. So I think I will get rid of the entire new world creation and stick with our world with a twist. Another thing that came up with the game is that I don’t have a goal. I don’t really know what I want people to care about and that showed in the game. The most helpful thing about this playtest was actually seeing other people’s games and talking through ideas they had about their own games and about my game. So I will be changing everything about my game except the platform I am building it with.

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