P2: Map and Premise

I brainstormed two ideas and will choose one of them to proceed with for the next milestone.

Idea #1: Dangers of over-reliance on AI

Premise: The player takes on the role of a college student in a world where human creativity is on the brink of extinction due to over-reliance on AI. The plot intensifies as they uncover a startling secret about their father—a renowned artist who’s actually been using AI to produce award-winning artworks. Caught in a moral dilemma, the player must decide whether to expose their father’s deceit, only to uncover even more unsettling revelations about his true nature.

Player Role: You assume the role of a college student.

Player Goal: Your goal is to navigate a world suffocated by AI-driven creativity and uncover the truth about your father’s use of AI to produce acclaimed artworks and various other aspects of his life.

Player Conflict: You face the moral conflict of exposing your father’s secret use of AI to create award-winning works or protecting his reputation, while uncovering increasingly unsettling revelations about his true nature.

Player Choices: You can choose to investigate deeper into various aspects of your father’s life. You can also choose between confronting him with the evidence, exposing his secret to the world, or protecting him from the consequences.

Player Actions: You can travel around the map to explore places such as your family’s house, the park, library (where you’ll find some historical books about society), and an art gallery (which exhibits some of your father’s artworks). You interact with objects in the space, including your father’s AI-generated artworks, academic papers, paintbrushes, newspaper, etc. Some of these objects reveal the extent to which AI has impacted creativity and independence. You might also engage in conversations with your father, mother, and sister to gather information and make informed decisions.

Idea #2: Human wildlife conflict

Premise: The player takes on the roles of two brave animal companions, Cat, a cunning cat, and Puppy, a loyal puppy, in a dystopian world where humans have gained complete control over wildlife, and all animals are marginalized, caged, and endangered. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to challenge this cruel regime, seeking to inspire empathy, change, and freedom for all.

Player Role: As a player, you alternate between Cat, the cunning cat, and Puppy, the loyal puppy. This role switching mechanism is inspired by role playing games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, as well as the first chapter of Detention.

Player Goals: Your goal is to guide these two animal companions through a world ruled by humans, using their unique abilities to navigate it and uncover the truth about the oppression of wildlife.

Player Conflict: The primary conflict is with the oppressive regime that humans have imposed on wildlife.

Player Choices: You can choose which animal (Cat or Puppy) to switch to depending on the situation to make the most of their unique abilities. You can choose how to approach humans and other animals, and choose who to trust and form alliances with.

Player Actions: Your actions include exploring the dystopian world, navigating urban landscapes, forests, and hidden areas. Through interactive fiction, you can talk to humans and other animals to gather information, and decide how to respond to challenges and dilemmas, shaping the story and ending.


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