P2: Map and Premise of Dystopia

  • Setting:The game world encompasses both a dystopian environment and a real-world setting, complete with a map for reference.
    • The game takes place in Deathcorp, built into the rock face at Chimney Rock near Scottsbluff, Nebraska
  • Role(s):Define the various characters or roles that players can assume within the game.
    • You are Omaha Jackson, but your real name is Omaha Komada, a son of an Asian-American immigrant and Welsh nerd in Nebraska. All your life you have felt like an outsider, a studier of others, so you became an investigative journalist as a means to pay off your comparative literature degree”, you took a job as an investigative reporter, when you heard of a story about corruption in DeathCorp. You are about to enter when you receive a gunshot to the back of the head and wake up 3 weeks later( but actually 500 years into the future in an android body).

  • Player’s Journey: Describe the path players will embark on to gain an understanding of the dystopian scenario. Explain how the plot unfolds throughout the game.
    • You start inside the lobby of deathcorp, and soon realize the only way out is through a stairway to heaven, but as you soon find out, only humans can go to heaven and you are a robot. As the clock waiting for your judgement is broken, you must descend down into hell.
    • You must travel through an abandoned wastelands filled with mutants and eldritch monsters, using notebooks from dead souls to create robot minions( notes from former lovers, scientists, politicians) that can tear apart the mutants to get flesh for bionetic graftings to become human enough to enter heaven and kill god so you can return home.
  • Understanding:Clarify what insights or emotions you aim to convey and persuade players to comprehend or feel by the end of the game.
    • I want players to learn about what it feels like to feel alien or nonhuman, or the immigrant experience in a foreign culture. I want players to question their own humanity and relationship with their body( not enough time to do so intensely), and have more empathy.

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