What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’: Overcooked

rating: 8/10


I was first introduced to Overcooked junior year of high school from a friend who was playing it on their Nintendo switch. I remember really enjoying the game, purchasing it on my own switch and then bringing it to the Pho restaurant that I worked at to show everyone. In the end, they didn’t appreciate it much. They said it was chaotic and stressful much like work every day anyways.


Anyways, I got to play Overcooked again this week and it brought back some nostalgia from when I worked at the Pho restaurant back at home. In Overcooked, players assume the roles of chefs. They drive around to different kitchens and must fulfil the orders of the customer which means preparing a variety of dishes before the timer goes off. To pass each round, you have to meet a threshold of orders. The game features split platforms, conveyor buttons, and fires which dynamic changes the working flow of the kitchen. Chefs must coordinate cooking tasks such as cutting ingredients, washing dishes, and cooking items on the stove, and arranging ingredients on to a plate.


The gameplay mechanics are simple to grasp but it is layered on top of other tasks making it to get dishes out. I played the game with friends and coordinating with each other made the game chaotic and it took us a few rounds before we could get into rhythm with each other. What is funny is that the group of friends that I decided to play Overcooked with are the same friends that I played Stardew with. It was such a change of pace for us that it made the game fun to experience.


My favorite part about Overcooked is the visuals and music. The aesthetic of it is vibrant and colorful and the characters are so so cute. The themes of the kitchens are unique, and it is just a pleasure to look at. The sound design complements the gameplay perfectly. When you are in the main screen and driving the music is calm. When you get into the kitchen the music is fast paced and upbeat. The sizzling of the ingredients and chimes of completed orders allow for valuable feedback and audio cues.


The game itself is very replayable. There is a substantial amount of content to keep everyone engaged. There are also levels and characters to unlock making it an endless amount of fun. Even when we aren’t progressing in the story, launching a kitchen and working with friends is always something I would be down to do.


In all, Overcooked is a very well-made game. It’s fun to bring around when I am hanging out with friends. For those who want to give it a try, I say grab your aprons, assemble your team because you will be cooking up a lot of fun.


Side note:  I would love to incorporate a picture of this week’s playthrough but I played it on the switch and I’m not really sure how to export screenshots from there. ;-;

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