Final Reflection

Before enrolling in 247G, play and game design were concepts that felt foreign and unapproachable to me. I was so repulsed at the idea that game design would be amazing because to me, it was intimidating. From an outside perspective, the barrier to entry seems incredibly high (which I still believe it is). It seemed like a realm I couldn’t possibly tap into, but this class has (hopefully) proved me wrong.

One of the activities that I enjoyed the most was P2, where I dove into aesthetic design strategies and foundations beyond visuals – like sound and haptics. I learned that the beauty of a game goes beyond what is seen. The non-visual elements significantly contribute to the overall experience and can be as immersive, if not more, as the visuals. In a similar manner, the power of narratives was a topic I found incredibly interesting. Despite not being a usual fan of narrative-based games, understanding the storytelling aspect in game design has expanded my perspective. Although my preferred creative mediums are visual art and fashion, this course helped me view narratives as just as impactful through the lens of game design.

The greatest challenge was keeping up with the fast-paced environment, but I found my stride by investing extra hours outside class, which eventually proved much more effective. Working with a team in such an environment was something new to me as well, but I had a great experience. It taught me the value of planning, organization, and collective intelligence – proving that “more heads are”, indeed, “better than one.”

If given the chance, I’d love to try out roles that I initially felt uncomfortable with. I focused primarily on design during the course but feel I missed out on exploring other areas like development and writing. It’s a realization I’ll carry forward – the importance of pushing my boundaries and comfort zones.

247G has transformed my appreciation for games. The multifaceted process of game design – the creativity, the collaboration, the resilience – has heightened my respect for the craft. Moreover, it’s awakened my interest in applying HCI principles to branding and storytelling. I have found myself interested, over the course of this past year, more and more interested in starting a project to tell a story. Out of all my courses, I feel as if this course has helped me to reach that goal the most.

Reflecting on my journey, I’m particularly fond of the chaotic yet collaborative nature of the class. It was a combination of creativity and learning, a dynamic relationship between order and disruption that somehow worked efficiently together. It’s a relationship I look forward to participating in again, armed with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from 247G.

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