Critical Play – Puzzles (logica emotica)

‘Logica Emotica’ is a single-player game developed by Bart Bronte and available on Steam or mobile platforms; appeals to a broad range of players, including children, with its unique blend of puzzle-solving and emotion-based gameplay.

In ‘Logica Emotica’, players engage in a world where emotions have physical manifestations and can interact with the environment through emoticons or ‘emojis’. The game’s primary objective is to navigate through various levels, utilizing the power of these emoticons to solve puzzles and progress further. Players are required to manipulate different emotions strategically to overcome obstacles, such as using joy to create bridges over gaps.

Its innovative use of emotions as puzzle-solving mechanics sets ‘Logica Emotica’ apart from other puzzle games. The embodiment of emotions by emojis not only provides unique mechanics but also serves as an allegory, symbolizing how emotions influence our interactions with the world. While the player progresses through the various challenges, they experience a tangible representation of how emotions can shape reality and solve problems. The absence of any combat or time pressure encourages the player to approach each puzzle at their own pace and increases the fun of the challenge. I especially found this relaxing and reflective even while racking my brain to solve the puzzles.

To further enhance ‘Logica Emotica’, I would suggest a more detailed backstory for the protagonist to strengthen the emotional connection between the player and the game. This could be achieved through environmental storytelling elements, such as journal entries or cut scenes. I also think that the game could benefit from a tutorial to better guide the player when they are starting out and hints to guide them during gameplay. Providing hints to the player during the gaming process to make it less frustrating would increase the feeling of satisfaction during the game. Furthermore, reducing any distracting elements, like crowded game screens or overly elaborate and unclear text, would make for a more seamless player experience.

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