Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc (Individual)


Tense, Pressured, Eerie


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  1. You and a friend wake up in an abandoned building and must escape while a hoard of enemies chase you. This would be a fellowship, narrative, and challenge kind of fun.
  2. You wake up with amnesia on a boat in the middle of the ocean and find out that the boat has been attacked by man-eating monsters. Your goal is to find a way back to land by exploring the boat while avoiding the monsters. This would be a narrative, challenge, discovery, and fantasy kind of fun.
  3. You walk into an eerie underground tunnel, get trapped (e.g. entrance gets blocked), and realize that time is accelerated in the tunnel as you start to age rapidly. You must explore and complete puzzles in order to escape. This would be a discovery, narrative, and challenge kind of fun.

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