P2 Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc

For this game, my team and I’s ideas all surrounded the concept of exploring an abandoned town where something has gone wrong, but the player doesn’t know what that something is. I wanted my moodboard to reflect this feeling of unease (and I’ve included images with more literal manifestations of the “something has gone wrong” feeling). I also think that my moodboard has more of a cultish vibe to it.

Emotions I’d Like to Evoke:

    • Agitation
    • Wanderlust
    • (Overwhelming) curiosity 



3 directions for the game:

      The direction of the game depends on the how we balance the exploration aspect of the game with the more horror-based storytelling aspect. The directions below rank from more exploration-based to more story-based.

  • An open-world-type of game that focuses on exploring an abandoned town that has recently been uncovered by the tide. This would have a more discovery type of fun–the player would come back to see what they have yet to uncover. The gameplay would center around travel and item collection, and the game would have more of an embedded narrative.
  • Part of the game centers around investigating–and in the mean time–“fixing up” the abandoned homes. A game that would instead focus on the sensory type of fun could play with visuals with this dynamic–as a player moves around and fixes the home, it could turn into a lovely-colored home that’s pleasing to the eye.
  • Lastly, our game does involve monsters/demons/fantastic creatures. A focus on this aspect of the story–with the main objective of the player to discover are battle these creatures, would instead give our game a fantasy type of fun.

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