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For this game, all of my approaches and moods center on a type of lonely exploration through a pacific northwest-town with moments of beauty and eery horror. I want to capture a similar feeling of Outer Wilds but also the brain-hurt of Return of Obra Dinn.

Here are the emotions I’m thinking of:

  • Trepidation: Giving the player the feeling of playing Silent Hill and walking through an abandoned town where nothing is quite as it seems. The feeling in Resident Evil as you open a door and are not quite sure what it is behind it, making you grasp your mouse tightly
  • Wanderlust: The feeling of Breath of the Wild where you are never quite sure what is over the next ridge. If you see a stream you can explore it and find some narrative or item there, if you see a weird stick poking out of a wall you can pick it out. The mouse maze that makes up the game is filled with little toys and doodads to help you build your escape.
  • Enigmatic Smallness: The feeling when you first go across the ocean and find yourself surrounded by water. Except This feeling comes from uncovering the narrative at the core of the town and realizing how wide it spreads. The feeling of seeing just a mere tendril of a Lovecraftian monster.





  1. Resident Evil/Silent Hill with less of an emphasis on horror( but stealing the inventory system) and more of an emphasis on mystery a la Return of Obra Dinn
  2. Tomb Raider in an EarthBound/ Undertale-like shell, exploring houses full of traps and using different gadgets to make your way around a an escape-room like level
  3. Majoras’ Mask/ SpiritFarer, where you help ghosts move on to the next life while doing quests in the environment and discovering how they died/ interacted with one another. Much more light in tone/

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