P2 Norms – Team 14

Team Members

Julia Rose Chin, Cyrus Darcy, Albert Hwang, Elysia Smyers, Pannisy Zhao


  1. Frequently update progress on work on the “P2 Deliverables” Google Sheet.
  2. Speak up when there is a problem.
  3. Get deliverables done ideally before midnight before the day it is due.
  4. Respond to texts.
  5. If you cannot finish something on time, ask for help! Things come up, and we understand.
  6. Otherwise, finish individual tasks on time and confirm in the group chat.
  7. We love negative feedback! We want to become better people and team members.
  8. Give compliments regularly. Be positive!
  9. Ask questions if not sure what to do.
  10. Immediately delegate tasks after assignments are released.

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