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Creator: Giant Squid Studios
Platform: Windows, Mac
Player: single-player
Target audience: anyone who likes artistic visuals and swimming

Procedures: The player can interact with marine objects by pressing buttons on the controller as they swim through the ocean.

Rules: Interact with whichever sea object you want, however as there aren’t win or lose, and players are free to explore the ocean at their own pace.

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Resources: Each player has a limited air supply, thus players must occasionally resurface to replenish it.

Boundaries: The physical limits of the ocean environment.

Objective: The game doesn’t have any competitive objective like win or lose, but the player’s goal is to explore the ocean and discover its secrets.

Outcome: The outcome is left open to interpretation by the player, and there is no clear endpoint.

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What kind of fun: Exploration, Aesthetics, Storytelling

Why does this game work: Its design and execution create a unique swimming experience that stands out from other games in the walking simulator genre. The game’s stunning visual and audio design help to create an immersive and tranquil atmosphere that encourages players to explore and discover the secrets of the ocean.

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How could it be improved: While ABZÛ is a well-executed game, it could benefit from more varied gameplay mechanics and objectives to add more depth and replayability. By adding more challenging obstacles, puzzles, and hidden secrets, ABZU would be more engaging for players who prefer more challenges, or if they wants to go again and keeping them from being bored.

Comparison to other games in the genre: ABZÛ stands out in its walking simulator genre due to the focus on underwater exploration with a very beautiful art style and sound design. Because there isn’t any traditional objective like winning or ranking. While other games in the genre may offer more challenging gameplay mechanics, ABZÛ’s focus on relaxation and exploration creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is difficult to replicate.

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