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Hey guys,

I started my analysis by picking out the major features of the game, as can be seen here:

( Image is a bit blurry)

You could break down these elements as follows:

Supportive: Score out of fifty. Five minute timer. C or F instructions.

Core: Start button. Cheese categories. Boxes of stuff.



The following are some designs I came up with implementing some of the exercises in the article. I think the game could be greatly improved with a kind of flash card option.

I tried to explore proximity in my designs by placing the options for cheese / font close to eachother, and in large rectangle formats.

One game whose artstyle I love is called Return of Obra Dinn. The entire game is a modern recreation of the lcd era of the (the Atari? I think?).

The game is a master class in using color combination to contrast different details


The violence and action in each scene is a problem for the game designer, as depth is hard to convey in this situation with the lower-scale graphics. But Lucas Pope manages it through his renderers pixel choice, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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