Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games


Identify elements


  • Words being classified
  • Input box to type C or F


  • Timer
  • Score 
  • The header “Cheese or font?”
  • The subheading “Can you name the cheeses and fonts?”
  • Whether classification was right/wrong


  • Snarky comments when you classify the word wrong
  • Next/prev button
  • Pause button
  • Give up button


Beautiful Game

A game I consider beautiful is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The overall game is designed to be clean and simple to create a relaxing atmosphere for the player. The font choices in the game reflect this well, with almost all text characters in the game having rounded edges and wider horizontal spacing. Most colors in the game are also a bit muted with there being a few pops of vibrant color, helping to create the calming yet lively ambience. The game’s HUD is very minimalistic as well and only displays the map, time/date, and NookPhone symbol while the player is at rest. These HUD elements are not core elements to the game, so they’re only placed in the corners of the screen so the player can focus on the game’s beautiful surroundings.

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