Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games

Game Elements


  • Prompt (“Tristan”)
  • Guessing boxes (“F”/”C”)
  • Score


  • Navigation buttons (previous/next)
  • Timer
  • Timer controls
  • Hints


  • Challenge Friends
  • Random Quiz
  • Quiz Stats
  • Playlist
  • Replay
  • “Give Up” button
  • Commentary on wrong answers


Thumbnail Sketches







Minecraft inspired me to become an architect when I was 8. In my opinion, Minecraft is the epitome of beauty born out of simplicity. In Minecraft, everything is a block designed with pixelated art. The block-architecture of the game allows for geometric simplicity and a standard “unit”. However, blocks and effects on blocks can be combined en masse to create complex and multidimensional worlds full of endless fun. By forcing blocks to be the same size throughout the game, the eye is drawn to the design of each block rather than the size of each block. Furthermore, one can build in an infinite scale in Minecraft, manipulating the size of designs using proximity for visual effects. Color, “typeface”, and proximity play important roles as independent variables in Minecraft.

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