What do Prototypes Prototype?

1. How is the game different from other get-to-know you games?

This question lets us explore more possibilities and challenges us to think outside of the box and question whether or not the existing games have already explored what there is to explore. A prototype we can use to test might be to make the game competitive, or have it center around a niche theme. I suspect that having a niche theme will make the game more appealing and different.

2. What is the perfect amount of rules we should have in order to drive the game forward yet still make fun of many possibilities?

This question is important because players need to have enough rules in order to make the game clear and understandable. However, with too many rules, the game can get uncreative and boring. A prototype to get a sense of whether or not we need less or more rules/mechanics is testing different versions of the game with different players, and see which version players prefer and adjust accordingly. My guess is that the version with not too many rules – the “what” should be clearly established such that the ways you can play are open to interpretation.

3. Is this a team-based or a multilateral game?

Many of the existing get-to-know-you games are of the latter, which makes sense because everyone has something new to reveal about themselves or learn from someone else, no matter if it’s a friend or stranger. This question is important in order to help us learn if we can introduce a new game format that is team-based competition, yet still captures the core of many existing get-to-know-you games. Maybe, even, cooperation can “force” people to step out of their comfort zones and get to know people who they normally wouldn’t strike up a conversation with through friendly yet bonding competitions.

The type of prototype we can use to answer this question is having players go through a game twice, once with a team and the second competing for themselves. I think players will like the team-based approach because it adds more nuance to the game.

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