What Do Prototypes Prototype

Should we make the game digital or card based?

Because of the format of our game, we would like to understand exactly how the game may work best. This might include finding out if the game works better physically or digitally when sharing a photo to respond to a prompt. An example of a prototype may be printing photos and responding to prompts with those, or by showing a photo on your screen or airdropping. I feel as if the digital format might work better as it is much more accessible and creates opportunity for the user to be more creative and personal with their responses.


What type of humor should be presented with the game?

The humor that has potential to be shown with the prompts is important as it makes the game’s personality and allows for users to want to play it. To solve this, although subjective, we could make prompts that lie on a spectrum of humor and see which might appeal to users more (ex: crude vs comedic). Based on the popularity of games like Cards Against Humanity and viral Tik Toks, we might see that crude humor is more appealing to testers.


Should each player’s deck be their own photos or a mix of their own and other’s photos?

This is an important question because it might change how players play the game in that they are trying to use someone else’s photo without context vs knowing what is happening in their own photo that they choose to use. To find this out, we might allow users to use scrambled photos from a deck created through combining every player’s selected photos and then randomly distributing them. We could then test that against having players play with their own photos and get a feel for how perspectives change. I believe that players will most likely enjoy using other’s photos more as their would be room for questioning and guessing stimulating a discovery aspect that might not be present in the other form of the game.

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