What do Prototypes Prototype?

When does the engagement and entertainment from the game seem to be at its highest? At its lowest?

  • It is important for games to be FUN and to be BORING. In this vein, we need to understand how engaged users are while playing and what elements facilitate entertainment or contribute to boredom and how to address that.
  • I think we can make a simple paper prototype and test it on small groups of friends and have them fill out a short questionnaire using a Likert scale to gauge enjoyment or boredom while playing.


How quickly do users catch on to the rules of the game?

  • I guess that since this is a mod on Cards Against Humanity that people will likely be able to catch on to the formal procedures and how to use their various cards pretty quickly. However, it will be important to test to make sure that what we are communicating is clear to each user.
  • I think using a paper prototype we can simple observe participants, making sure to take note of what questions are asked and how many, thus allowing us to change and refine our instructions / rules if needed.


Would users want to play this again / recommend this to their other friends?

  • After play, we can include in our survey different questions trying to capture whether or not players would choose to play this game again or try to get other friends to try it. We can also include questions about where holes were or what would make it more engaging. Retention is very important, so we need to make sure we create a game people would keep coming back to and share with others.


Does our game have a unique selling point or feature that sets it apart from other games in its genre?

  • As this is a mod, I think it is very important for us to understand and find a unique niche that we serve. Otherwise, it will be hard to garner attraction and hype around a game that is seemingly the same (and less well-known) than several others on the market.
  • I think we can have participants give us an honest evaluation comparing our game to others that are similar.

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