What Do Prototypes Prototype?

  1. How do we introduce the rules of the game that has really low friction for new users to play them?
    1. I think this is an important question to ask because we don’t want to make a game that is to complicated that it takes a long time for the users to understand how it works
    2. We should aim to make prototypes of the game and aim to reduce the number of pieces that the user need(ideally the user would easily fetch these core items of the play without going out of their way to purchase them)
    3. I think it is quite possible to make this game accessible and low friction because all we need are cups and different ingredients
  2. How do we make the game dynamic more random so that there is some fairness in it?
    1. This is important because when we first pick the team to start the game, and when the winning team pick the losing team to drink their drink, there is a sense of randomness, how do we do that? do we use dice?
    2. We should make the game in a way that people should have equal chances of winning and losing, so no one gets left out
    3. We can do this by having scale of score each time, and that no team can lose twice in a roll. but we would have to test it out to see the dynamics of that rule
  3. What is the position of this game, is this a party starter? can this be played when there is loud music in the background, or people in the background? or is this the type of game that is only good for a kickback?
    1. This is important because we need to figure out the best places to play the game
    2. We should aim to different rules and test it out in different senarios to see whether the game is still playable with a lot of people(12+) or maybe it is only good for a smaller group(8+)
    3. I suspect that this game is better to play at a kickback with around 8-10 people, but we’ll have to test it out.

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