What Do Prototypes Prototype?

Questions My Game Prototypes Might Answer:

Concept: Mafia/werewolf but as more nights pass by, more restrictions are applied. So second round might be you’re not allowed to ask direct questions; third round you go mute, etc.

  • In what places is this concept too confusing? Are there too many rules/things to keep track of?
    • Our game adds a few layers of complexity onto the traditional social deduction game. But I know more complexity isn’t doesn’t necessarily always make the game more enjoyable. So this would be an important thing to look out for. Fleshing out the mechanics and prototyping a lo-fi version of the game (doesn’t even need any physical material yet) would help answer this question.


  • Where are the spaces where this game becomes no longer fun to play? Do you feel like you have “learned everything you need to learn” before the game ends? What gives you drive to keep playing? Where do you feel like its not worth your time to keep playing?
    • This is important because as we learned in the “what a game is” reading, a game needs to strike a balance of discoverability that follows a player throughout the game. Again, a more fleshed out concept of game mechanics and having people play test or do a run through of it would help with this. I am sure we won’t get this right the first iteration, so my guess is that users would have good feedback on where things get not fun.


  • Interface of the game: did we get it right? would this game be better as an online game? A card game? a board game? In what ways would you think it best to interact with the world of the game (e.g. digitally, physically)?
    • I think we will try just a non-physical version first (as like playing werewolf in class) but ask for feedback on adding a physical element. Our team would love to do a board or card game!

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