What do Prototypes Prototype?

My protoypes could prototype

  1. Are microgames appealing since they are so short ( <5 seconds )?
    1. The basis of our game is a series of microgames similar to WarioWare. The microgames are super short flashes of funny scenes the player must interact with.
    2. Since they occur so fast, new people are at a disadvantage.
    3. On the flip side, the older players have an advantage and we don’t want them to get bored.
    4. I believe the frenzy, frantic feelings the microgames will bring up will be enough to excite the player each time, and I think the older players will enjoy watching newer players feel the same fluster they did.
  2. Will making the microgames faster introduce enough variation as the players progress?
    1. Similar concerns as stated above. We need our players to stay engaged, while realistically only being able to create a limited variation of microgames. Will changing the speed be enough to keep engagement? Or will we need to add more complications like visual elements? Or audio?
  3. Will players want to play cooperatively or should there be a competition aspect as well?
    1. The players will have a group health on each level so they can only proceed if they all succeed together. Due to the repetition of microgames, having a competition aspect seems boring and does not add anything. There is no skill being tested except if you have played before and remember it. So I think competition can’t be a real aspect and I do not think it will need it.

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