Visual Design of Games

Main Excercise

Core Elements:

  • C/F input
  • Play quiz
  • Cheese or Font explanation

Supportive Elements:

  • Timer and score

Extraneous Elements:

  • Filter score

Core element sketch w/o color:

Thumbnail Sketch w/ color:

Type Variety Thumbnail Sketches:

Design Proximity Description:
For my design, I grouped the ideas of the previous and next buttons together as most individuals associated ideas of linear movement together. Next, the title, question, and score are all centered and aligned which the user will assume as the most important items. The buttons to identify the word as a cheese or a font are separated to reiterate that the intention of the game is to determine one or the other rather.

Beautiful Screenshot:

This game is called Monster Hunter World. It uses a combination of appropriate color theming, detailed lighting, and optical framing to present the world as realistically as possible through a display.

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