Critical Play

  • Name of game, creator, platform
    • The game that I chose to play is One-night Werewolf, on
  • Target audience (as best you can discover from research or the game messaging)
    • There are several segmentations of the audience for this game
      • First-time players
        • I think this game does a pretty good job of guiding first-time players to know what the rules of the games are, with notes to every player card so that the users know what they are supposed to do which is very intuitive
      • Players who play often
        • This game also faces an audience of players who play quite often.
      • Players who play remotely
        • This platform is good for users who play remotely because it offers an interface for them to visualize what is happening
      • Players who play in person, but choose to use this website to use as it augments the experience
  • Notable elements of the game: how many players? What actions can players take? How do rounds work? Do they do anything interesting with player relationships/objectives/resources? (refer to Formal Elements for this!)
    • Players: we played with 3, but technically this game can fit 29 people
    • Objectives: The objective for the werewolf is to kill all villagers, the objective for all non-werewolves is to find out who is the villager and kill them
    • Procedures: The game first assigns different roles for the players and then the players play accordingly with different objectives
    • Conflict: The conflict is that the villagers need to tell who is the werewolf before they are killed overnight. Otherwise, they would
    • Outcome: Either the villagers win or the werewolf wins
  • Compare the game you chose to other games in its genre. What differentiates it from the other games? Is it better/worse? How so?
    • I think one thing about this game is that we have played a similar game called Mafia last week in class. The rules are similar to what we played, however, in this game, there are more roles. For example, the role of rubber is present in the game and they are able to switch role with other players. This adds more flexibility and more suspense to the game, especially when the game has few people to play
  • Was the game fun? Why or why not?
    • Overall, I think the game was interactive in a way because of its digital format, I was confused with the rules sometimes during the class time last week. This interface makes it better because it gives hints on the screen. But still, I wish I would have access to the rules during the full length of the game. I do think the interactive element of the game is pretty crucial and I liked that in the beginning the player scrolls up to reveal what characters they are. I think that is really innovative and brings a lot of fun to the table.
  • Moments of particular success or epic fails (in your opinion)
    • In my opinion, the host selection panel is a big L. I was vaguely familiar with the rules of the game and was not familiar with the other roles, including dream wolf, Tanner, Hunter, drunk, and Gremlin….. I did not quite understand what they do when I first see them. So I had to go into the game with vague ideas and this is not very intuitive for first-time players.
    • On the other hand, I liked that it offered suggestions during the night for the user to look at the phone and tap here and there so that the wolf can’t tell who is who….. I think these types of tips are pretty important for first-time players. I just wished that there would be more. Maybe it would be helpful for them to include different levels of play for people of different experience levels…
  • Things you would change to make the game better
    • I would make some changes to the host panel. As the host, I was really confused when it told me to select the roles for different people because there were so many roles on the screen, and I wasn’t sure which ones would be more fun to play. And I wish to just include an automatic setting that allows for a quick game for a smaller group, without the need for the host to get to know what each role does(and there were more than 10), which was kind of overwhelming.

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