Short Exercise: What do Prototypes Prototype?

  • Will having a card game and board game element be too confusing?
    • This is an important question to ask because we want to make sure that there are not an overwhelming amount of game mechanics for players to learn, such that they do not get bored.
    • We can make a simple prototype of a card and board game mixed together—i.e. playing uno on top of a makeshift board where players move toward and away from each other.
    • I think it can be feasible, especially if we keep the board mechanics as simple as possible.
  • Is 3 too small of a baseline number for minimum number of players?
    • This is an important question to ask because we want to make sure the game is still playable and sustainable with just 3 players.
    • We can try playing one of the similar games (Mao, Uno, Kings cup) with just 3 players and see how long the game lasts. If less than 5 minutes, the number of players should probably be increased at least to 4.
    • I think 3 players might be one too few, and the game will end faster than we would like.
  • Should we mandate the use of 2 decks rather than 1?
    • This is an important question because we want to make sure the number of cards is sufficient for the amount of penalization that will occur, especially because everyone gets to make rules.
    • We can try playing a similar game (Mao, Kings cup) where every time someone is penalized, they have to take n cards as punishment (n = number of players in game) to mimic someone getting penalized by every rule, and see how quickly the draw pile runs out.
    • I think it will run out fairly quickly.

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