Prototyping Social Deduction Game

Our team’s game idea: “Mafia/werewolf but as more nights pass by, more restrictions are applied. So second round might be you’re not allowed to ask direct questions; third round you go mute…”

Q1. Does it add a good sense of chaos?

This is an important question to answer because party games should create a party atmosphere, but should also not be so chaotic that it becomes hard to follow.

This can be prototyped using a game of mafia with 4 people and 5 rounds (increasing restrictions). At what round the restrictions become excessive should be marked. My guess is that once you’re mute, the next round you have to cover your face and at that point the game becomes impossible.


Q2. Is it doable to deduce the mafia just from facial expressions, in the fully mute round?

This can be prototyped by playing only the mute version of the mafia round. My prediction is that it will lead to giggles and outbursts.

Q3. If you’re not allowed to ask direct questions, is the quality of deduction still up to par? Does this restriction add humor to the game?

This can be answered by prototyping a version of mafia when you’re not allowed to ask direct questions. We can compare how this pans out to normal mafia. My prediction is that it would be funnier.

4. What happens if you break the restrictions for a mafia round?

Prototype a version of mafia where you’re not asking direct questions, and play till someone accidentally asks a direct question out of frustration. Protoype versions of the game where they are penalized by being killed, my guess is that this will make the game much more fast-paced and stakes higher.

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