MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

My favourite game is League of Legends. Some mechanics that really add to the fun are:

  • Precise timing required to gain gold from minions.
  • The solo-kill mechanism that requires you to outplay the other player in the same lane.
  • The ganking mechanic that enables the jungler to meddle in the solo fight and the chess like game of wits involved to approximate where the enemy jungling may be.
  • Game objectives for control over the map, including drake and Baron Nashor.

These overall contribute to the unique dynamics of the League of Legends, between the lane players and the jungler, but also between you and the enemy players. I believe the primary mechanics and dynamics of League appeal to the ‘challenge’ aspect of fun. Also, when it comes to the teamfight stage of the game, there is ‘fellowship’ too (the ecstatic feeling of ‘Ace!’), although playing League can often makes you lose faith in humanity.

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