MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

One game that I really enjoy is the iMessage Word Hunt game. One of the mechanics that stick out to me is the function of sharing a game invite with a contact in order to initiate the game. This mechanic in turn allows for a social dynamic in which the game can be used to connect with others or to spark conversation.

Another important mechanic of Word Hunt is the haptic and audio feedback that is given throughout gameplay. When constructing words, a user’s phone will vibrate + emit noise upon the completion of a successful word. This mechanic creates a dynamic in which users receive instant feedback throughout gameplay. Through these feedback mechanisms, users are rewarded for learning and discovering new words.

In addition to haptic feedback, Word Hunt also employs timed rounds as a mechanic. This mechanic in turn crafts a dynamic in which gameplay is fairly quick and multiple rounds can easily be played back to back. The timed round mechanic also works hand in hand with the mechanic of changing boards. With each round, there is a different arrangement of letters to work with, such that users are challenged in different ways in every round.

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