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The game I would be considering is Choices by Pixelberry, one of my favorite games for pastime.
The first mechanic I will consider is selecting words or behavior to display for my character at specific points during the game. Also, the ability to choose my character’s name, clothing, hair, and look adds a personal touch to the game. This customization mechanic allows me to feel a stronger connection to my character. Furthermore, purchasing diamonds to fill a preferred decision tank adds another layer of control to the game of Choices.
Character decision control is the central dynamic created by the aforementioned mechanics. It allows me to actively shape the game’s narrative and my character’s destiny and choices. While a portion of the game is controlled and fixed based on previous decisions, I can shape my character’s personality and influence the game’s outcomes while enjoying the resulting sequence of events.
When I play Choices, it allows me to become someone else and experience a different life. The game is like a novel, immersing me in another world but with one crucial difference: I have control over the events unfolding, a luxury rarely afforded in real life. So I get to read on and on, and my decisions(poor or otherwise) cause an exciting unfolding of events in my character’s and other characters’ lives.
In Choices, when you lack the required diamonds to make a decision, you must deal with the fixed options. This aspect of the game mirrors life’s typology: if you do not have the courage or resources to pursue what you want, you must accept the consequences of life’s predetermined path. It is sometimes amusing when I would make certain decisions while playing the game all because I simply can, and I love that autonomy.

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