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My favourite game: Pokemon Nintendo DS

From the player’s perspective,I gravitated towards the Pokemon Nintendo game because of 4 main aesthetic points; narrative, fantasy, discovery and competition. Before I even started playing Pokemon on my Nintendo DS, I had been a massive fan of the Pokemon anime series from 8-10. This allowed me to submerge myself in the narrative of the game entirely.

In terms of the mechanics of the game, 

Nostalgia and familiarity: The familiar structure of the games, combined with the continuous introduction of new Pokemon and regions, strikes a balance between nostalgic charm and fresh excitement.

Levelling up and evolution: As Pokemon gain experience through battles and training, they level up, grow more robust, and can evolve into new forms, which adds an element of progression and excitement.

Exploration: The games feature large, diverse worlds to explore, with hidden items, secret areas, and various puzzles, making the journey feel adventurous.

Gym battles and Elite Four: Players must face off against powerful Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 NPCs, providing memorable challenges and a sense of accomplishment when completing the game.

Breeding: Players can breed their Pokemon to create offspring with unique move sets, abilities, and stats, adding depth to team building and competitive play.

In-game events and side quests: Pokemon games often feature special events, side quests, and mini-games that break up the main story and provide additional content for players to enjoy.

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